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Extra Curricular Activities

These courses are coupled with a rigorous and high level teaching of the compulsory courses, to prepare students well for post-secondary studies.  We also include a number of rich extracurricular activities to complement these core credit programs.  The following are some of the extracurricular activities our students also take part in:

School Athletics Program:  Our school Athletics Program is overseen by our Guidance Counselor, Ms. Jillian Peltier.  Many teachers commit to dedicated countless hours after school to coach and travel with the teams.  We have achieved championship banners over the years, as we compete with various smaller schools within a 3 mile radius.  We are the only First Nations high school in this league, and last year we won both the girls and boys volleyball championships.  We have also taken first, second and third place medals at regional wrestling and badminton tournaments.  The following are some of the sports we offer to our students:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Archery
  • Badminton
  • Wrestling
  • Lacrosse
  • Tennis
  • Cross Country
  • Track and Field
  • Spartan Cross Country Obstacle Running
  • Floor Hockey


The MacMaster Science Olympics:  We send a team of students every year to participate in the MacMaster Science Olympics.  The teacher who coaches this team is Mr. Chris Mara.  I believe our students may be the only northern high school to compete in this event, as well as possibly being the only First Nations high school to send a team to this event.  Our students usually fare very well and show significant resiliency, as they compete in events against much larger schools and teams.  Last year our students particularly well, and finished second overall in a major event.  They were called up in front of over a thousand students to receive their award.  They also received letters and accolades from the local MP and MPP.

School Drum Group:  When you walk into our school doors, two of the first things you will see are the School Eagle Staff, and the School Drum.  A group of students regularly practice on the School Drum, led by Eagle Staff Carrier Isaiah Manitowabi-Bell.  If you come into our school during lunch hour or the end of the day, you will hear the powerful heartbeat of our school reverberating through the main hallway.  The School Drum Group opens and closes many of the important events and assemblies at our school.

First Robotics Competition:  This is new to our school this year.  It is also coached by Mr. Mara.  Students are in a rigorous competition and have an allotted amount of time to build a robot from the ground up.  The students worked with Mr. Mara over the course of over two months, including almost every weekend, to build and program their creation.  They will be travelling to North Bay to compete at the end of the month.