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My Blueprint

What is the myBlueprint Education Planner?

The myBlueprint Education Planner is a student-friendly, interactive education and career/life planning resource that allows Gr. 7-12 students to reflect on their learning, showcase their growth, and share their achievements.  

 Want to learn more? Watch the Student Introduction video tutorial at

Options for creating your Family Account

Option #1: Request an invitation from a Student             

Have the student log in to their myBlueprint account, then:

  1.        Click their Name in the top-right corner
  2.        Select My Links
  3.        Click Add Link
  4.        Enter your name and email address
  5.        Click the Create Account button in the email you received and follow the sign-up steps

Option #2: Sign up with school’s Activation Key or District Landing Page

  1.        Visit
  2.        Click Sign Up in the top right corner
  3.        Enter your child’s school Activation Key and click Create Account
  4.        Select Family/Advisor, and your child’s grade range (7-12)
  5.        Click Continue and fill out the sign up form
  6.        Click Create My Account
  7.        Enter your child’s email address that they use to log in to their myBlueprint account, and click Add Student (note: your child will have to approve your link request)
  8.       Click Continue

*Don’t have your school activation key or District Landing page? Request this information from your child’s Guidance Counsellor or Teacher.