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All students are expected to value learning, demonstrate self-discipline, show pride and respect for themselves, others, and the school community, strive for perfect attendance, be organized and prepared to learn every day, use class time effectively, recognize the importance of daily reading, complete all assignments on deadline and with their best effort, complete homework and study for tests every day, seek extra help when necessary, participate in school activities, take initiative to always improve.
  • Punctuality: Students are not allowed to be late for class.
  • Remaining in class: Students are expected to remain in class for the entire period
  • No Smoking or using tobacco products of any kind on school property
  • Coats/Jackets and Backpacks are to be stored in students lockers.
  • Food/Drink: With the exception of water, food and drink are discouraged in classrooms, labs, or in the gym.
  • MP3s and Personal electronics: These devices are managed by teachers in each classroom.  Students should not be using these devices when the teacher asks the students to put them away.
  • Dress Code: Clothing that is excessively revealing or with inappropriate messages is not acceptable in the school environment.
Call or visit the main office and sign-out your son/daughter. Sign him/her in when you return. Students will be excused from school for Medical/Illnesses, Appointments, Cultural Activities, Athletic Activities, Illnesses or Deaths in the Immediate Family, but the school needs a note from you or an appointment slip to explain the absence. Make sure that your child understands that it is his/her responsibility to make up work/tests required by the teacher, and if you know in advance that your child must be absent, please remind your child to inform the office and his/her teachers. Unexcused absences will result in missed opportunities to complete assignments/tests.

If there is a valid reason for your child being late you must send a note, call the school, or sign him/her in so we can admit your son/daughter to class. If there is not a valid reason (ie. They overslept) they will be admitted to study hall.
Can I call my child at school?


We make every effort not to disturb class time except if it is an emergency. If you need to give your son/daughter a message, relay the message to the receptionist and we will call your son/daughter as soon as classes end. There is a pay phone in the school that students may use outside of class time.

A student who does not meet the expectations in a course (achieves below 50%) must repeat the entire course to earn the credit. If this is a compulsory course, the student will take the course over until he/she achieves the expectations. For example, a student may be taking Geography at the grade 9 level and all his/her other courses might be grade 10 level.  If a student has attended regularly throughout the semester and has attempted the majority of the formative and summative assignments, and still has not passed, they may be eligible for Credit Rescue.
30 credits, 40 hours of Volunteer Work, Successful completions of the Ontario Literacy Test.
Students get school allowance cheques as an incentive if they have exemplary attendance in all of their classes (fewer than 3 absences). Students will get these cheques with report cards if they are eligible. Graduating students can earn $25/month and all other students can earn $15/month. Part-time students are not eligible for this incentive.
Each month teachers nominate students of the month, every year there is an Academic Awards Gala in December, in June there is an Athletics Awards Banquet and at Graduation there are a number of awards presented. Excellence, Hard work, and Perseverance are recognized and rewarded.
Call or visit Wikwemikong High School (859-2870) and speak to a guidance counsellor about your concerns.